Terms and conditions of use

for Clients of Real Research Shop

1. The purpose of this document is to present:
a) the rules on which personal data of Clients of Real Research Shop is processed,
b) the basic rights of persons whose data are processed.

2. REAL RESEARCH sp. z o.o., ul. Prof. Michała Bobrzyńskiego 14, 30-348 Kraków, registered in National Court Register at number 0000660375 by District Court Kraków – Śródmieście in Cracow, NIP 6762521485 (“REAL RESEARCH”) is the controller of your personal data.

3. Real Research Shop is the online shop available at https://shop.realresearch.life/ run by Real Research.

4. Processing of your personal data is necessary:
a) to respond to your query,
b) for the performance of a Contract, i.e. for the purposes of delivery and payment,
c) in order to take steps at your request prior to entering into a Contract.

5. The legal basis of the processing of your personal data is art. 6(1) point b and f of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (hereinafter: GPRD)

6. Your personal data may also be processed for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by REAL RESEARCH, including pursuing claims arising from or related to the contract, as well as for the purposes of direct marketing. In such cases the legal basis of such processing is art. 6(1) point f of GPRD.

7. You may give consent to the processing of your personal data for purposes other than those set out above. In such cases you may withdraw your consent. The withdrawal of consent shall not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal. The legal basis of such processing is art. 6(1) point a of GPRD.

8. Your personal data are collected directly from you.

9. Your personal data will be processed as long as it is required to respond to your query for the performance of a contract until the expiry of the limitation period for claims arising from the contract.

10. You have the right to access your personal data, their rectification, erasure or restriction of processing as well as right to object to processing of your personal data and the right to transmit your data to another controller and the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority – in the scope set in relevant law, in particular in GPRD.

11. Where personal data are processed for direct marketing purposes, you shall have the right to object at any time to processing of your personal data for such marketing, which includes profiling to the extent that it is related to such direct marketing. Where you object to processing for direct marketing purposes, the personal data shall no longer be processed for such purposes.

12. Providing of personal data is voluntary, however, the lack such data may prevent contact with REAL RESEARCH. Later providing of personal data may be necessary for the conclusion and performance of the contract.

13. Providing of personal data for the purposes set in point 7 is voluntary.

14. Personal data may be transferred to third parties, including people cooperating with REAL RESEARCH, contractors of REAL RESEARCH, payment operators, accountants, lawyers, transport companies. Personal data may also be transferred to other entities if it is  required by law.


 § 1

The terms used in this Regulation have the following meaning:

1. Real Research Shop – online shop available at https://shop.realresearch.life/ run by Real Research.

2. Real Research – Real Research sp. z o.o. with its registered seat in Kraków, Poland, ul. Prof. Michała Bobrzyńskiego 14, 30-348 Kraków, entered into the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register by the District Court for Kraków-Śródmieście in Kraków, XI Commercial Division of the National Court Register under KRS Entry No. 0000660375, NIP (Tax Identification Number) No. 6762521485.

3. Client – person who is interested in purchasing products from Real Research Shop.

4. Product – product available in Real Research Shop for purchase.

5. Contract – contract concluded as a result of submitting an offer by Real Research and acceptance of the offer by the Client; the terms and conditions of the Contract are set in hereby Regulation.

§ 2 General provisions

1. The Real Research Shop sells exclusively to entrepreneurs, universities, research units, institutes and other similar entities. The store does not sell to consumers. If you are the consumer and you want to purchase products from Real Research shop you have to contact Real Research.

2. Real Research Shop offers our full product range – which is comprised of two different Digestion Kits and various types of LifeGel. If new type of hydrogel is needed, the Client may contact Real Research. Real Research may choose an individual hydrogel for the Client which can be specially created for Client’s research.

3. All information contained on the Real Research Shop website related to the Products, including prices, does not constitute an offer within the meaning of art. 66 of the Polish Civil Code but an invitation to enter into the Contract. The contract is concluded in accordance with § 4 of hereby Regulation.

4. Photos of the Products are placed in the Real Research Shop for exemplary purposes only and are used for visual presentation. The photos may differ from the actual look of the Products.

5. The information provided by the Client should be truthful and current. If the Client provides incorrect or outdated information, Real Research is not liable for non-performance or improper performance of the Contract to the extent to which it will result from providing incorrect or outdated information.

6. It is prohibited to transfer or make available by the Client illegal content or infringe the rights of third parties.

7. The Client is obliged in particular to:

a) use of the services offered by Real Research in accordance with the provisions in force in the Republic of Poland,

b) use of the services offered by Real Research in a way that makes no disruption to Real Research Shop,

c) not taking any actions to acquire possession of classified information held by Real Research.

8. Real Research does not carry out wholesale activities in the Real Research Shop, nor the sale of Products for their further resale.

9. All Clients are prohibited from sending content that is unlawful or contradicting the rules of social conduct. For wholesale orders or orders for further sale the Client may contact Real Research.

§ 3 Creating the Account

1. The Client must be logged in to purchase Products.

2. To create the account in Real Research Shop:

I. Enter your details:
a) Social title
b) First name
c) Last name
d) Email
e) Password
f) Birthdate (optional)

     II. Accept the principles of personal data protection

3. Minimum requirements to order products are presented below:

I. Choose products you are interested in

II. Enter your details and send your inquiry:
a) First name
b) Last name
c) Email
d) Phone
e) Company
f) Tax ID number
g) Full company address
h) Full delivery address

      III. Accept the offer (including product prices and shipping costs)

      IV. Pay the order

4. Real Research may cancel the Contract and/or delete the Account if the Client violates the provisions of the Regulation and/or the Contract. Cancelation of the Contract by Real Research is possible within 14 days from the day of learning about the existence of grounds for cancelation.

§ 4 Purchase

1. After choosing a specific Product with the appropriate modifications (e.g. specific hydrogel number, plate size or medium), Client adds it to his inquiry using the “Add to Inquiry” button. Do this with every product you are interested in. If you need any help, use the “Ask About Product” button.

2. After completing shopping, Client goes to the “Your Inquiry” tab, where the Client will find all the selected Products. The Client can change the quantity there.

3. Client checks that the details are correct and then the Client should press “Send Inquiry” to send list of products. It is very important to put the exact delivery address (as Real Research will need it to create the offer).

4. The Real Research will send to the Client the offer by e-mail within 2 working days (please check spam folder just in case the email with our offer got delivered there instead of your inbox). If Real Research does not submit an offer, in particular due to Product unavailability or other inability to deliver the Product, Real Research is not liable for any damage to the Client.

5. The Contract is concluded as a result of submitting an offer by Real Research and acceptance of the offer by the Client. The Contract is concluded at the moment when Real Research receives from the Client by e-mail the acceptance of the offer or the payment. Acceptance of the offer cannot change the terms of the offer.

6. If the Client does not accept the offer within 7 working days of its receipt, the Contract is not concluded.

7. Any contract templates, general contract terms etc. used by the Client do not apply to the Contract.

§ 5 Payment

1. All prices in Real Research Shop are given in: Euro (tax excluded) .

2. Payment is by bank transfer to the designated account. The transfer title should specify the offer/invoice number and your name.

3. Details of bank transfer are given by Real Research after conclusion of the contract.

4. Account holder: Real Research Sp. z o.o.

5. Account number: 81 1140 2004 0000 3212 0637 9368 .

6. If the payment is not made within 14 days from the conclusion of the Contract, the Contract is cancelled.

7. Acceptance of the hereby Regulation means that the Client gives his consent to use electronic invoices within the meaning of art. 106n § 1 of the Act of 11 March 2014 on tax on products and services, Journal of Laws of 2011 No. 177, item 1054 as amended).

§ 6 Delivery

1. Cost and expected time of delivery shall be provided in the offer referred to in § 4 point 4 of hereby Regulation.

2. The delivery time is counted from the day when the payment has been received.

3. All orders are sent within 2-5 working days after the payment has been received. Real Research will send to the Client confirmation of order as soon as purchased Products are ready for shipping.

4. The LifeGel Product is transported in a special low-temperature container which should be stored at -4oC after receipt.

5. The Digestion Kit is transported in dry ice and should not be touched with bare hands. After receipt, store at -20oC for 6-month stability or at -80oC for stability until expiry date. Protect from light and avoid repeated freezing and thawing.

6. The Client while receiving the package should check its condition. In the event of damage of the package, the Client should in courier’s presence prepare a damage report and send it to Real Research.

7. If the purchased Product is not available, Real Research will notify the Client no later than 21 days from the conclusion of the Contract. Within the period specified in point 1, Real Research may cancel the Contract. If the Client has already paid the price, Real Research will return him the sum of money received from him, no later than within 7 days. Real Research is not liable for any damage caused by the cancelation of the contract.

§ 7 Responsibility for defects of products

1. Real Research is responsible for the non-compliance of the Product with the Contract, including defects of the Product, on the terms set out in the Polish Civil Code with the separateness resulting from this Regulation.

2. Real Research is responsible for the non-compliance of the Product with the Contract if the defect is found before the expiry of one month from the date of delivery of the Product to the Client.

3. Liability of Real Research is limited to the price of the Product along with the shipping costs. Real Research will not be obliged to pay damages exceeding the price of the Product along with the shipping costs.

4. Real Research is not responsible for lost profits in any case.

5. Real Research is not responsible for the suitability of the Product for the Client’s purposes.

§ 8 Complaints

1. Complaints should be posted to Real Research using contact details indicated in § 9.

2. The complaint about Products shall be considered within 14 days from the day on which the complaint was filed.

§ 9 Contact

1. Contact to Real Research:

Real Research Sp. z o.o.
street: prof. Michała Bobrzyńskiego 14
30-348 Kraków, Poland

Phone: (+48) 603-984-577
Email: sale@realresearch.life

2. The Client can contact Real Research also using contact form at: https://shop.realresearch.life/contact-us

§ 10 Final provisions

1. No provision of hereby Regulation, the Contract, as well as the sale of a Product can be understood as transferring to the Client or other person intellectual and/or industrial property rights or providing a license to a Customer or a third party. All intellectual and industrial property rights remain with Real Research.

2. Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or in connection with the Contract or hereby Regulation or the breach, termination or invalidity thereof that cannot be settled amicably between the parties shall be governed and construed in accordance with Polish law without reference to its conflict-of-law rules and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Polish courts.