Tissue Digestion Kit


Tissue Digestion Kit allows the quick and gentle release of single cells from primary tissue while preserving the highest-possible yield. The Digestion Kit (4 x 4 mL) is ready to use and sufficient for digestion of 16 g of tissue. 

The main task of 3D culturing is to prepare cells for further biochemical, molecular or imaging analyses. Tissue Digestion Kit is a set of enzymes used to release cells from primary tissue.

Carefully selected combinations of enzymes digest a tissue as well as the protein connections between cells, enabling single cells to be recovered. In contrast to classically used trypsin, these enzymes do not digest the membrane proteins necessary for the proper functioning of the cell, so the Digestion Kit is therefore more gentle on cells. Released cells can then be used in further experiments such as gene or protein expression analyses, or they can be re-seeded for further culturing on LifeGel.

Tissue Digestion Kit contains four 4 mL vials (16 mL in total) containing appropriate enzymes. Generally, 16 mL of enzymes are enough to digest about 16 g of tissue.


Product is intended for research use only, not for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.


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