LifeGel for 3D cell culture

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Ready-to-use hydrogel for 3D cell culture

Cells seeded on the surface of the LifeGel can form three-dimensional (3D) structures, for example spheroids.

LifeGel recreates the cells natural microenvironment

LifeGel is supplied in 48-, 96-well plate formats in the presence of phosphate buffered saline solution or in culture medium

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LifeGel is:


Batch to batch repetable

Defined gel stiffness

User-degradable gel for cell rescue (Digestion kit available)

Reproducible - Defined composition for standardized experiments

Supply for small and large users

Free from any growth factor

Compatible with standard imaging platforms

Figure: Cancer Cell Growth in 3D on LifeGel.

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  • long term cell culture – e.g. three weeks

  • easy cell harvesting due to simple to use enzymatic digestion kit

    -for: cell passaging, cell counting or any other experiments where these cell will be necessary

  • Cell imaging with equipment like for example: JULI Stage, Celloger or OperaPhoenix

  • Readout your assay on standard plate reader

    -for example measure viability with Cell Titer Blue or Cell Titer Glo 3D

  • IHC

  • Compatible with standard automatic pipetting equipment

    -for the softest LifeGels the pipetting should be slowed down

  • No prior preparation – just ready to use plates